Survivor team is composed by default by 4 survivors. When there are 4 players and an extra one joins the server, a new survivor bot is created for him/her to use. The extra bot will be removed from the game when the extra players quit to avoid having lots of empty bots in the game.

The number of common and special infected allowed in game is automatically increased or decreased based on the amount of extra survivors present in game

The tank automatically has its health bar increased or decreased based on the amount of extra survivors in game. Players can keep track of its health with the health bar floating on his head. Tank will gain less health on heavy tank maps such as tanks playground.

The amount of medkits present in the map is automatically doubled when a certain amount of players is present in the server so everyone has a medkit

Each survivor has its own identity. When extra players join they will be playing as L4D1 or L4D2 survivors depending on the map that is being played. L4D1 survivors are disabled on campaigns which already have them inside and are known to cause issues.


Players will be frozen on round start to give loading players time to load. The timer won't be waiting for them for ever to prevent exploiting of the system.

The saferoom door is destroyed and falls to the ground when opened to prevent survivors from using the starting room to easily survive events or tanks.

The finale saferoom door has a cooldown upon interacting with it to prevent players from locking others outside and griefing.

When players finish a level they get 50hp if they are lower and black and white removed if present. This is something players can already do by killing themselves before next round and is now automated by the server to avoid pointless friendly fire.

Rushing players that run far away without the team will be prompted to go back and be slowed down if continue to do so. The calculation of the rushing is based on the flow of the map and not on the distance between one player and another. There needs to be at least 3 survivors in game for the anti rushing system to work, and it is disabled when there is at least 2 players incapped and in all finale maps.


Friendly fire is not disabled. Instead, when a player damages other players he receives a number of TK points based on the damage he has done. TK points are removed when a player revives another survivor. When reaching a high number of TK points an automatic voteban will be started by the server. If the vote doesn't pass and the TK points go even higher, the server will automatically ban the player. The automatic teamkilling bans are not permament and only last for 1 hour across all servers. Teamkilling bans are only permanent if there is a recording of the act attached to it.

Players who recently joined the servers are unable to cause friendly fire damage for a short period of time to prevent griefing from teamkillers who teamkill right after they join the game. Shooting other players during this period of time will automatically kick the player.

Bans related to cheating are managed by Little Anti Cheat system. The cheating bans can range from angle cheats to bunny hops or duplicate account bans. All the bans for cheating are not permanent and last only 4 hours with the exception of duplicate account bans and bans which are proved by a recorded proof.

The bans are stored using Source Bans system and can viewed, reported, contested at https://bans.l4d2enhancedvanilla.com.


Vocalizer is allowed and expanded. Players are able to vocalize voice commands which normally wouldn't work using ion's vocalizer.

Players are not allowed to spawm vocalize commands. After 3 consecutive vocalizes the player will be muted if he/she continues to do more. The muting is temporary and vocalize becomes reusable if the player stops vocalizing commands for a short period of time.

Vocalizing basic commands such as "Ready?" or "Behind Us!" will print a voice chat text in chat like in Team Fortress 2. This can be useful to communicate in game with deaf players without having to type in chat.

The characters voice lines and triggers are expanded and improved. Players are now able to vocalize items which previously did not have voice lines attached to the such as gas cans, L4D2 equipment looked at by L4D1 survivors etc...


All players' statistics and playtime are tracked and ranked using hlstats system and the data can be viewed at https://stats.l4d2enhancedvanilla.com/hlstats.php.

Additional information and usages of own profile stats can be viewed on the stats pages.


Both infected and survivor bots have received improvements and fixes to their AI. Survivor bots are more aware of their surroundings and are able to chase and kill infecteds with melee weapons. They also take less damage depending on the difficulty to be more useful and be a good replacement for good players.

Survivor bots are able to take and throw grenades and take and use special ammo and defib. They give their items to players if they have none and players can trade items with bots by shoving them.

All special infected play more like humans. The tank for example will throw a rock right after a punch to catch a dodging survivor or get another one. Tank and hunters will now prioritize incapped and vomited survivors.



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!stuck Unstuck yourself
!help Open help menu
!ready Set ready state on door lock
!unready Set unready state on door lock
!rank Open players stats page
!stats Open your own personal stats page
!steamgroup Open steamgroup page
!csm Change your survivor character
!hat Put a hat on your head
!hatshow Toggle personal hat view
!votekick Vote to kick a player
!votemute Vote to mute a player's voice chat
!votesilence Vote to silence a player's text chat
!trophy Display a trophy on your character
!chmap Vote to change campaign
!chmap2 Vote to change map
!votemode Vote to change gamemode
!third Go in thirdperson
!charm Attach an attachment to your current weapon
!charms Attach an attachment to a specific weapon